hireEZ Boolean Builder

Source How You Want With hireEZ

Some recruiters on your team may like boolean strings. Some prefer AI filters. hireEZ empowers your team to do both.

Kick-off Your Candidate Search with Boolean Strings

hireEZ lets you build boolean strings search in seconds and with our search enhancements you’ll find your ideal qualified candidates. Download our Chrome extension to search on platforms with:

JD mode

Copy/paste a job description and hireEZ’s AI will extract and parse the relevant keywords for you to generate a Boolean string.

Quick mode

Choose a job title or area of expertise and hireEZ’s AI will predict and generate your keywords. You also have an option for even more comprehensive searches that allow you to customize your string by adding other filters like mandatory skills, industries, and locations.

Discover Hidden Profiles in your ATS with Boolean and AI

For hiring teams looking to fill open reqs, ATS’s contain a pool of past applicants that have shown prior interest in your organization and have upskilled since your last engagement touchpoint.

+ Plus:
Using hireEZ you can plug in profile keywords or Boolean strings to search across your ATS candidate pool.

Discover hidden profile in your ATS with boolean and AI sourcing
Advanced boolean string with AI sourcing filters

Supplement Your Boolean Strings with Advanced AI Filters

Boolean Searches are a great first step to finding qualified candidates. hireEZ takes your search even further with advanced AI Filters that allow you to focus into the perfect candidate like Job title, Mandatory Skills, Preferred Skills, Locations, Years of experience, and Keywords.

And That’s Just One of Many Awesome
Features On the
hireEZ Platform.
  • Source from Open Web Platforms
  • Contact Abundance & Accuracy
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Healthcare Specific AI Sourcing
  • Tech Specific AI Sourcing
  • Diversity Filters and Insights
  • Screening & Ranking of ATS Candidates
  • Candidate Engagement
  • Email Sequences
  • Comprehensive Tracking
  • Market Insights
  • ATS/CRM Integrations